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Baby Boomer Most Popular Toys;  Weapons

Just think of how things have changed!  When I was a kid the most popular toys  were  weapons!    To name a few;  Daniel Boone ax, Zorro sword, Dick Tracy Tommy gun,  Zoro bullwhip, Lone Ranger six shooter…   When I saw Santa I said,  “Hey Santa, this year I want a Rifle man gun and a Daniel boon ax!   He said,  “That’s great Tommy!  Your friend Billy was here earlier, and he asked for a Zorro sword.  I guess you kids are on the neighborhood crime watch program.  “I heard the Comanches are moving in!  Do you  want me to throw in a grenade launcher?  “This way you and the kids in the neighborhood could invade Cambodia in the spring!” Just image today a kid going up to Santa Clause and saying I want a Mr. Rogers cruise missile,  Pee Wee Herman brass knuckles, and a Mickey mouse tire iron!

What about TV shows
As you know, TV shows do have a big impact on our culture.  We like to believe that our favorite TV characters are real people, and sometimes we may try to emulate the way they dress or talk or even behave. Today most TV shows are about cops and  special agents. There is no discrimination on who gets whacked (both the  good guys and bad guys end up dead).  Back in the day, it was cowboys shows that were the most popular. The bad guys who got taken out  the most  were usually Indians and outlaw Mexicans!  For the most part, it was  the Indians you had to watch out for!   “They were the real bad dudes”  “I mean, I was afraid to go outside!  “Like they were scalping people every week on Gunsmoke, and Bensonhurst is not that far from Oklahoma!

Don’t mess with Ben Cartwright and his homey gees!

One of the TV westerns I really enjoyed was Bonanza.  That was a great series! It came on every Sunday night and always had a good story line. It was like they were real people that you wanted to be friends with.  There was always a good story line and a message about how the good guy always wins by doing the right thing.  “I’ll tell ya something else, Ben Cartwright was a stand up guy!   He was always helping people out and sometimes people tried to screw him for being a good guy.  But in the end, the Cartwright’s would always settle the score. “If you know what I mean.”

Illegal aliens squatting on the Ponderosa?  Whaaaaaat!

There was this one time when a family of gypsies tried to squat on Bens Ponderosa land!    “These people were dirt poor! “I mean if you ever heard of a three bean salad,  why these people were so poor they only had one bean!    “Not only were they illegal aliens, but  they were squatting on Ponderosa property and even stealing Bens cattle to have barbecues and make beef tacos! When Ben found out he actually gave them a break and let them settle on his property without paying a dime. Sort of  like the landlords over in Bensonhurst are.  “That’s the kind of  good guy Ben was!”

“Let me tell you this buddy!  “If you mess with the Cartwright’s,  “Your in big trouble!  Why there were five guys living in the house which included hop sing the Chinese cook who happened to be a karate expert!   If I recall, there was a ranch hand named Candy.  I think he lived in the barn. “Yea that would not go well today!  “Just image this,  “Hey honey, you know the Smith family across the street?  Yea, they have a forty two year old guy named Candy living in their shed!   “Helloooo Elaine!!! That would go well today! 

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